What We Do Best:

Critical 2-Way specializes in two-way radio rental solutions for the Petrochemical industry and other facilities where FM-approved, intrinsically safe communications tools are mandated.

That’s it. Really. That is what we do – and we do it very well.

What We Do NOT Do

> We don’t prioritize clients by size of company or “big brand” name recognition. All of our clients get the same, top-shelf radios and accessories ordered in clean, peak condition – no broken factory seconds, no dirty earpieces and accessories, no battery packs with an outdated life.

> We will not leave you wondering if or when you will hear back from us should you need immediate support in the event of an equipment malfunction. Let’s face it, radios can go down for a variety of reasons. If ours do, we will handle it – personally, fully, and fast.

> We will not recommend additional equipment you do not need.

Who We Are

Our Senior Team Members
Chad Knight
National Account Manager

Chad Knight is most recognized as the face of our Account Management services across the United States. Most of our clients aren’t aware of the many technical moving parts that Chad is responsible for when connecting our multiple service facets behind the scenes, as his professionalism and experience in the industry help our Critical 2-Way Team Leaders in a seamless manner – ensuring our clients receive the service and timely attention Critical 2-Way Radio Rentals is known for providing.

Jebby Baldwin

In the Petrochemical industry and beyond, everyone knows Jebby Baldwin; in fact, everyone has a great story or funny anecdote involving the sometimes quirky and tenacious entrepreneur‚Ķand half of them are true. For over 40 years, Jebby has been involved in the petrochemical industry, beginning his career fulfilling an array of roles for his family’s refractory business. Since then, Jebby has successfully conceived, launched, and grown several industrial service companies, including Service Radio Rentals, Industrial Blind Solutions, Turnaround Logistics, and Critical 2-Way Communications.

Greg DeLouise
Business Development

Greg DeLouise brings his particular expertise in the arena of Petrochemical industry site communications to the Critical 2-Way leadership team. Armed with a 25-year background in Shutdown and Turnaround project communications, he is our “go to” person for leading the continued business development efforts of Critical 2-Way. Greg’s specialized skill sets: Two-way radio system design and implementation, radio fleet service, digital encrypted two-way radio equipment, FCC compliance, narrow band compliance, and complete two-way accessory sales experience keep him in-demand.